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Dr. Omar Rueda Villaron

Dr. Omar Rueda Villaron

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Dr. Omar Rueda has extensive training and educational background in minimally
invasive spine surgery. Dr. Omar Rueda has a passion for research that is
leading the way in the treatment of spinal disorders. His current
research projects help provide a better understanding for the causes of
lower back pain and minimally invasive treatments that can dramatically
improve upon the traditional treatment options available today.
Additionally, Dr. Omar Rueda travels nationally and internationally to learn and teach
other spine surgeons about the latest techniques. Dr Omar Rueda is a very skilled and experienced physician to treat surgical and non surgical spine disorders. You will get the same health care as in the U.S for a fraction the price.

  • Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery, Nemours Childrens Clinic, 1999
  • Spine Surgeon, Northa America Spine Society, 2004
  • Especialidad en Columna Vertebral, Palmer Hopital, Orlando Florida, 2000
  • Listing ID: 6606
  • Cedula profesional: 3624388 2554350

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